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Text Box: 26th May 2017
Hope you like the look of the new website
Thank you Jay (our design guru) and John Picton for all your hard work getting this together.
So here we go with our first news bulletin:
We are currently in the studio with Mike Stock completing our first album as "The Fizz". It'll be called "The F-Z of Pop" and will be released mid-September. Huge thanks must go to Mike Stock and his son, James - they are both musical geniuses! There are three old Fizz tracks, updated to sound more 'today' but an absolute plethora of new tracks, including some self-penned by us. You will be able to pre-order from "PledgeMusic", along with many other opportunities to buy new, limited merchandise and Fizz-related experiences. Click on the album cover on the “New Album” page to find out more.
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Text Box: 1st August 2017
What a brilliant day we’ve had today!!! The launch of the new single “Dancing In The Rain”, taken from the new album “The F-Z of Pop”, our first collaboration with Mike Stock. 
Starting out with an article in “The Sun” and another in “the Express”… and not forgetting across the water “The Irish Examiner”... all about the release of the Single and the forthcoming album. We’d already given everyone the heads up that BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce was going to be the first to air the single so the extra newspaper stories were a fantastic bonus. 
Follow that up with the release of the audio version of the song on our new YouTube channel (there’s a link to it at the bottom of our contact page, along with all the other ways to connect with us via social media), which at the time of writing this, has had nearly 17000 listens, not bad for a first day. Everyone here at Fizz HQ is really pleased at how well it’s been received. We’ve had loads of really lovely messages and comments over on Twitter and Facebook and now its available for download, we hope everyone buys it, and we can get back in the charts.  The links are on the welcome page of the website (click here to get there if you need to)
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The Fizz Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston Bobby McVay
Eurovision Song Contest Winners  Making Your Mind Up Dublin 1981
Bobby G Gee Shelley Preston (not featured)
The Land Of Make Believe
Mike Stock
New album 
The F to Z of pop F-Z
Dancing In The Rain

Photograph from The Sun 01/08/17

3rd August 2017


 It’s been a while since we’ve had this much press attention (except around Eurovision Time),  here’s a round-up of most of what we’ve had so far. Click the logo to read the article. Some will have been syndicated so they may be the same as earlier ones.


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25th August 2017


 Sorry about the delay (again!!!), but we’ve got a good excuse! Have you seen just how busy we’ve been lately!!!


It really is just like it was back in the 80’s, and it’s actually taking a it of getting used to again. After all the newspaper interest in the new single and announcement of the (then) imminent release of “The F-Z Of Pop”, radio followed. We were Radio 2’s album of the week on Ken Bruce’s show, what a diamond he is, and then of course there was our appearance on the Chris Evans  Breakfast show (we can say appearance now thanks to the interweb there’s video of it online, click here to watch our version of “Cake By The Ocean”, it was a great day!


And now of course, we’re on the road again. The 2017 tour has begun and we are naturally performing some of the new songs from the album, we were in Windsor last night and what a fantastic audience we had! Tomorrow, we have a special show at the Water Rats in London, which is being recorded for Vintage Tv and that’ll be on your telly screens in October.